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The Pro Squad Process: How it works

Replacing the water pipes in your home is key to maintaining a healthy functioning water system and an optimal home plumbing system. Our process is designed to assess, mitigate, protect your home, and give you long-term peace of mind—all while minimizing any inconvenience to you.

1Home assessment and 1-on-1 consult

Every home is unique. That’s why an Uponor Pro Squad expert will do a thorough site analysis of your home before making any recommendations. This analysis includes checking for visible signs of leaks, corroded pipes, water pressure issues, and temperature swings. When complete, you will be provided with a detailed custom estimate for your repiping project.

2Pipe replacement and installation

Before we start the repiping process, the Pro Squad team will cover all carpet and furniture to protect from dust and debris. Next, we’ll make small cuts in the wall and drywall to locate the pipes before removing and replacing them, leaving as much of the wall intact as possible. Depending on your home’s size, this step usually takes from a few days to a week to complete. For the parts of the job that require the water to be shut off, we do as much as we can while you’re out of the house—to minimize any disruption to your daily routine.

3Water testing and wall repair

After the pipe replacement and installation is finished and your home is all cleaned up, we’ll test your water to make sure it’s flowing properly through all of your new pipes. Finally, your walls will be repaired and retextured so they look as good as new.

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